Tempo Project Update For Serenade Residents

On Wednesday, May 30th 2012, Tempo Project representatives will present their latest information regarding the proposed RiverPark Specific Plan Amendment. They will be available to provide answers to questions regarding the proposed Specific Plan Amendment (SPA) from 6:00PM to 8:00PM in the Serenade Apartments Community Center & BBQ Area.

All Serenade residents are encouraged to come. Complimentary appetizers, wine and desserts will be served. As extra incentive for Serenade residents to attend, special raffle drawings will be held for gift cards from local retailers and restaurants such as Target and B.J.’s.

The Tempo Project seeks to amend the RiverPark Specific Plan by decreasing the number of single family residential units that are scheduled to be built, from 235 to 212, while adding an additional apartment complex to the RiverPark community. The effect of the additional apartment complex upon parking availability around Serenade and the existing neighborhoods is unknown since the effect of the opening of the shopping center, The Collection, is also unknown. Residents of the Serenade Apartments already know that the current availability of parking spaces in the neighborhood can use considerable improvement despite already having assigned parking for its residents. The SPA also promises, or estimates that the changes will add about $295,000 annually toward reducing the Rio School District Bond. It is unknown how this will affect local residents’ annual real estate taxes/Mello-Roos or local rents.

RiverPark residents had a prior opportunity to review the SPA and voiced their concerns at the RiverPark Neighborhood Council Meeting held recently last May 16th. At that time, RiverPark residents raised concerns about the impact on already overcrowded parking and impact that additional apartments would have on population density and local schools. They took a vote at the meeting and RiverPark residents voted 64 to 0, against the SPA and Tempo Project. The RiverPark Neighborhood Council will recommend that the Oxnard City Council officially vote against the SPA.

In any case, Serenade residents, whose interests are also represented by the RiverPark Neighborhood Council, have been invited to join the debate. Flyers that were distributed by the Tempo Project representatives requested that any questions in advance of Wednesday evening’s event should be directed to Vicky Fetterman at vicki2605@cox.net

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