The Best Mexican Restaurants Close to RiverPark


About 2 weeks ago conducted a poll of RiverPark residents regarding which local Mexican Restaurant within a 1.5 mile radius was the best. The top 4 results after 130 responses are as follows.

1. Montezuma Restaurant, 112 E. Stroube 

2. Tacos Don Chente, 2131 N. Oxnard Bl.

3. La Gloria Taqueria, 2736 N. Vineyard

4. El Portal, 2311 N. Oxnard Bl.

Montezuma Restaurant was voted “Best Mexican Restaurant” by RiverPark residents, garnering 60 votes. Tacos Don Chente received 30 votes, La Gloria Taqueria received 20 votes, El Portal got 12 votes with the remaining 8 votes spread among other Mexican restaurants, including Cabo Cantina in South Oxnard.

We will conduct a review of Montezuma Restaurant and post it here. If you would like to submit your own opinion or reviews regarding the restaurants mentioned, please do so in the “Comments” section below. This poll was obviously unscientific but fun to do.

Next up,… RiverPark’s Favorite Beer. Any suggestions? FYI > Check out B.U.R.P.


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