Making Sure RiverPark Residents Are Heard

Neighborhood Bulletin From RiverPark Resident, Orlando Dozier

Orlando Dozier, RiverPark Resident & Candidate for Oxnard City Council

Yesterday the books officially closed and the field of candidates running for Oxnard City Council and Mayor are set. As expected in true California politics, a bum-rush of people jumped into the race for City Council. There is a total of 13 City Council Candidates. With so many people eligible, you can see how easy it will be for RiverPark issues to get drowned out in the buzz of 13 candidates.
I urge everyone to take all opportunities to voice your concerns to any of us candidates that you bump into and let’s keep our issues at the forefront. I believe the Neighborhood Council will be putting together a candidate forum. When this happens, please plan on attending and making your voice heard.

Today, I will be attending the city meeting downtown to hear the developer’s proposed parking plan for RiverPark. I’ll post a recap of what was discussed later.

Orlando Dozier
Candidate for Oxnard City Council

Follow Up

Orlando attended the city meeting and posted the following report:

Gentlemen,… what we have here is a failure to communicate.

Today’s Directors Hearing meeting that was to be held at 4 PM was canceled with no notification to the public. Here’s a nice picture of the empty conference room and chairs that greeted me  I was told the meeting is now scheduled for Monday, Aug 20, at 4pm. I asked to speak with the city contact for this meeting and was informed he was in a meeting the rest of the day  I told them I will be attending the planning commission meeting tonight and addressing this issue during the open session. more to come…


  1. Evelyn Kontra · · Reply

    Why do Riverpark Residents higher property taxes than most Oxnard Residents? I live next to one of the parks and every Sunday we have our park bombarded with beer drinking – pot smoking individuals. They come and play football and when they leave – they leave a complete mess. Every Sunday we call the police and they always seem to come to patrol after they leave. I have spoken to our neighbors around the park and they are just as frustrated as we are. The indviduals that come to the park have no respect for perserving the family lifestyle that was presented when we purchased our home in Riverpark. We are scared to go out to our balcony or outside until they leave. This is no way to live. Also, things are always getting stolen from out front yard and there is graffiti on our mailboxes. We pay a lot of money to live in Riverpark but the police, the mayor and the city council don’t care about us. They just care about themselves. Take pride in Oxnard and keep it safe. Riverpark Resident that is Sick and Tired of the lack of assistance from Oxnard ELECTED OFFICIALS and the Oxnard Police.


  2. Evelyn, Thank you for your comments. To sum it up, you are correct in noting that a lot of our current elected officials are not concerned with the impact public parks have on our community. Many of your neighbors have met with city council members and tried to get these problems addressed. We have mostly walk away from these meetings unsatisfied with the response. This is the main reason why I am running for Oxnard City Council. If I get elected, this problem will be addressed and a solution will be worked out. promise.


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