Beer Here! B.E.R.P.

California is usually associated with fine wine and famous wine producing areas like Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley. Our state, especially Southern California is stereotyped as the land of palm trees, surfer dudes and valley girls.

Living in RiverPark, with our close proximity to Santa Barbara wine country and the vineyards and wineries in Ojai, one would think wine would be the adult beverage of choice in our community. In reality, it appears that the B.E.R.P. (Beer Enthusiasts of RiverPark) prefer a cold frosty brew to a dense complex Cab.

B.E.R.P. is a group of RiverPark beer afficianados that bonded together on a Facebook page started up by RiverPark resident Micah Weathers this Summer. Since then, the group has shared their love of the grain based beverage and made plans for beer tastings to be held within RiverPark. If you love beer and everything associating with brewing, you can click on the hyperlink above to share your experiences and opinions with your neighbors who embrace your passion.

The group is where RiverPark residents can discuss any and all aspects of beer, plan beer tastings outside of RiverPark, and social beer drinking gatherings inside the RiverPark community. B.E.R.P. members are very knowledgeable and serious about their favorite brew. A recent post on their Facebook page pretty much sums up their preference in beers, “If you saw it in a commercial. We don’t have it.” Join the fun and be prepared to step up from your favorite lager to the exotic  and wonderful world of IPAs. As Always, Please Drink Responsibly.

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