How Boring Stuff Can Be So Interesting

Over the past few months my wife, Grace, and I have recently teamed up with some of our friends in Ventura County to brainstorm how we can help people thrive in this tough economic environment, and help reboot and protect their personal finances.

My wife has her degree in Business Management and loves economic theory, and accounting (i.e. counting money, especially if it’s her own). In any case, we looked into the concept for a new business based on the following criteria:

1. Low overhead, minimal startup, or no franchise fees.

2. Our products had to be something everyone already has, or should have.

3.  Enable people to earn money while they learn our business, and keep their full time job.

4. Absolutely no inventory packages to carry on the books.

5. Implement time tested marketing and distribution plans that have been proven to be successful.

Out of these requirements we decided our new company should be a Financial Services Marketing Company. This meets our criteria as being able to sell products everyone already has or needs, and eliminate any need to stock inventory. It also keeps overhead low and eliminates franchise fees.

We also adopted tried and true marketing, management and distribution plans used by successful companies like Keller Williams, Primerica, and Apple, by offering aggressive payouts for personal production as well as providing a pathway to ownership in the company if an individual desires.

At this time, we are still very early into building our company. We have secured strong financial backing and are finalizing a number of business agreements to be able to offer the best and innovative financial products available on an exclusive basis. For example, if you own FDIC insured bank CDs (Certificates of Deposits) earning on average .50 to sometimes 2%, we will be able to offer FDIC insured bank CDs earning 4 to 8% at the time of this post.

For people with standard Term Life Insurance, we are going to offer Return of Premium, Term Insurance policies. This means the policy owner gets back every penny they paid into the policy if they live to the end of the term of the policy. Imagine that! Getting paid for living on a Life Insurance policy! Not to stop there, but we will also have policies that will pay death benefits if you become ill or disabled. You don’t have to die to collect.

If you own a car or home, in most cases, we will be able to save you 20 – 40% on your premiums!

This is just a small example of the services we will be selling. As an independent brokerage, we will have the flexibility to offer people what they really need, not what a single insurance company says you need. We also will be offering Land Banking services and other financial planning products and services.

Our brand new company is called Quantum Success Strategies. We have opened our very first office in Ventura County at 333 N. Lantana in Camarillo, right behind Wood Ranch. As of this date, it will be approximately 2 weeks before we are operational. In the meantime, we are looking for people who are looking for full or part time work. Licensed (Life and P&C) insurance agents are very welcome, as well as people who do not have an insurance license. This may be the ground floor opportunity you’ve been waiting for. We have plans to expand nationwide over the next few months!

Please fill out the form below if you would like to attend our Open House this weekend or our Business Meeting next Tuesday night. We will then email you with the details.


  1. Hey Phil! Sounds like a great idea, if you need any furniture or anything at all for your new office let me know. I can offer you anything Staples sells and I will give it to you at cost.


    1. Hi Steve! Great! Thanks for the offer. I’m sure we’ll be calling on you soon. Can you extend the discount as we open other offices in the area?


      1. Yep of course. Anything you ever need just let me know!


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    If you, or someone you know is looking for full or part time work, or just wants to make some extra cash, check this out!


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