Why We Need Orlando Dozier On The Oxnard City Council

Election Day is upon us and despite the importance of the Presidential Race, the results of the Oxnard City Council election will also have a profound effect on RiverPark residents. I recently read the analysis and candidate interviews that were published in the Ventura Star-Free Press and one thing was amazingly clear.

RiverPark Resident, Orlando Dozier, Oxnard City Council Candidate

Most candidates were able to identify issues regarding the city’s budget and economic well-being, but only one candidate was able to outline a specific plan of action. That candidate is RiverPark’s own Orlando Dozier.

Regarding Oxnard’s current financial issues, Orlando is the only candidate to specifically outline the steps he would take to address the city’s budget. He was the only candidate to recognize the first step in fixing things is to identify those things that need to be fixed. Orlando has clearly stated, “I would start with requesting an independent audit of the city’s general ledgers. Once the audit has validated the amount of shortfall in the city’s budget, I would request staff submit a reduced budget by department to cover the shortfall. This is only a temporary fix until a full review of city expenses can be conducted. I would also look to cut overhead spending by combining like services (admin, purchasing, etc).” Dozier clearly understands what needs to be done. His expertise is clearly on display and in stark contrast to other candidates that simply speak about the problems but don’t, or can’t even explain how they would even begin to take the first step in fixing the city’s budget.

As RiverPark residents, we also have our unique issues and problems that have been ignored and overlooked by the City of Oxnard and its current city council in spite of the fact we pay a disproportionate share of local taxes (i.e. Mello-Roos) in order to provide the city with its crown jewel to attract business, commerce and a more upscale base to Oxnard. Our residents are voluntarily footing the additional bill to live in an exceptional community that is supposed to be a showcase for Oxnard. Its residents have a right to exceptional service from the city. The City of Oxnard has an obligation to provide exceptional service to RiverPark residents. By electing Orlando Dozier to its City Council would be a step in the right direction in providing the service and attention RiverPark deserves. Vote for Orlando Dozier for Oxnard City Council!

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