Picketing Outside St. John’s Hospital

As most who watch the news, or read the local paper must know, the economy is not exactly in its best shape as of now. This massive recession that we are all stuck in has not only caused many school districts to have  to make cuts and put teachers jobs in jeopardy, it is now even affecting our local public health care system as well.   Earlier this month on January 7, 2013 a total of over 30 to 60 workers that are currently involved in the Health Care Industry, picketed outside the doors of St. John’s  Hospital in Oxnard California.

This protest was organized and supported by Service Employees International Union Local 121 RN, which represents nurses, and SEIU-UHW, which represents some other health care workers. This massive movement is a response to the upcoming layoffs to the hospital that are set to take place on January 31 at the St. John’s Hospital in Oxnard as well as the Pleasant Valley Hospital in Camarillo California. These protests stem from the belief that the contract that was made with Local 121 is not being honored as it was first promised.

According too Laurie Eberst, St. John’s CEO and president of St. John’s, these layoffs mainly stem from the massive decline that has occurred in the government reimbursements. Due to this decline, a total of up to 50 jobs are expected to be laid off by January 31 unless it is negotiated and different approaches are explored.

This is a clear example of how bad things truly are in our economy. Things seem to be at an economic standstill and some form of action must be taken to ensure that these healthcare systems as well as educational systems are in the best shape possible even during the time of a recession.

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