Channel Islands Yacht Club Raises Funds for Ship Maintenance

Recently this week, the American Tall Ship Institute put on a pirate themed ball at the Channel Islands Yacht Club in order to raise funds to go towards  the maintenance of a 138-foot topsail schooner used to teach young people about the sea known as the “Bill of Rights”

The estimated amount according to the chairman of the board of the institute, is about $78,000 for routine maintenance. This of course now a days does seem like a high amount of money to keep up with the maintenance of a simple schooner, however this maintenance is necessary in order to keep a tradition of sea related education alive and well.

The program that runs the “Bill of Rights” only hires scientists and teachers to staff the boat rather than seasoned sailors to ensure that those who come aboard the “Bill of Rights” get quality and reliable knowledge that they will never forget.

It really is heartwarming to see that traditional hands on education through experience is still being supported today in our society. One can always learn things through a traditional textbook, but they will most certainly retain it if they experience it first hand for themselves.

If you ever have the opportunity, be sure to visit the “Bill of Rights” and experience a vast ocean of knowledge waiting to be dived into.

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