Prom Season

Prom Season is usually the time of year where Juniors and Seniors from high schools all around California finally get the opportunity to go out for a night of fun as well as possible romance. For some this is a chance to gather with friends and have one last formal form of celebration before life takes you on your own journey and for others it is to have that last dance with that special someone that you never got the chance to tell how you really feel. Regardless of the reason, Prom is most definitely a night one will never forget. Just as long as one makes the most out of it and treat it as ans experience rather than a financial obligation.

Statistics at schools are showing an overall drop in the amount of students that are actually attending Prom during their Junior and Senior years of High School. This of course may not seem like a matter of high importance but it does have significance none the less.

Those who say that Prom “Isn’t for them” or that it “Isn’t their thing” are judging the experience before even attempting to try it or experience it for themselves firsthand. How can one possibly know it isn’t for them without even experiencing it for themselves? The fact of the matter is.. you simply can’t. There is no shame in trying something new. It won’t kill you to dress up for one night and wear a tux or a dress with some heels. At the very least you can look back in your high school yearbook and at least say “I went to my Senior Prom”. Who knows. You may actually like it and have some fun.

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