Results Of RiverPark’s Favorite Pizza Poll

It wasn’t even close. RiverPark’s favorite pizza is Toppers Pizza which garnered 50% of the votes while the best the other pizza restaurants could do was about 7%!

ToppersLogoToppers Pizza has 7 locations throughout Ventura County. From Topper’s homepage:

“Toppers is a locally owned and operated pizza restaurant company based in Ventura County, California. In fact, Ventura County is the only place you will find a Toppers Pizza Place. We have become the County’s favorite pizza with 7 locations offering family dining, group accommodations and fast, efficient delivery service.

Toppers was founded by Vim and Beth Jonker over 20 years ago. With 30 years experience in the pizza business (although, please don’t remind us of that), we have tried to create a family-friendly, quality dining experience for our customers and develop deep roots in the community. We want Toppers to be a friendly, familiar place where you will always feel comfortable and usually see someone you know.Pepperoni Pizza

We originally grew within West Ventura County, and over the last 16 years, we have partnered with long-time friend Steve Sellers to provide a great pizza experience in Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley as well.

The pizza business is full of large national chains, but Toppers’ loyal customers have made us the busiest and most popular pizza restaurants in Ventura County. We thank you and will continue to work hard to deserve your business.”

It definitely looks like RiverPark residents love their Toppers Pizza,… at least until Settelbello’s opens for business in The Collection later this Summer.

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