Football Is Back, Pick The Super Bowl Champ!!!

Ahh yes!!! If you haven’t noticed, the Dallas Cowboys have already conducted their preseason training camp in our backyard and are getting ready to tee it up with the rest of the NFL next week. It’s time for us to get ready to fire up our grills and stock our coolers with our NFL Logofavorite brews or vino.

Last year we ran a very unscientific poll to see which NFL team had the more fans on our RiverPark blog. The results were as follows:

The top teams were:

#1 Denver Broncos

#2 (Tie) San Diego Chargers, Dallas Cowboys & Oakland Raiders

#3 San Francisco 49ers

#4 The 13-time World Champion, Green Bay Packers

The Chicago Bears were the only team that failed to register a single vote among RiverPark residents.

This year, instead of polling for RiverPark’s favorite NFL team, we would like to find out who RiverPark football fans think will be this season’s Super Bowl Champ.

Although we don’t have a local team in the NFL, there is a remote possibility that the Vikings may eventually move to Los Angeles since the finalization of plans to build a new stadium in Minneapolis have completely broken down in the 11th hour. With apologies to Minnesota Viking fans, we offer the following video for your viewing pleasure as we begin a new NFL Season.

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