Happy St. Patrick’s Day & Welcome To Our New Video Blog!

Hello RiverPark neighbors!!! Today is not only St. Patrick’s Day, it’s our first day to post our 1st Video Blog Post for a new feature called the: “RiverPark 411 Video Blog”! How creative is THAT!?

Obviously, the video blog will be centered on life, events and real estate in our RiverPark community. It’s goal is to be informative, entertaining and a way to reach out to our neighbors and create a connection between neighbors that is unique in Ventura County and perhaps, California.

Our 1st blog post is simply an introduction to our Keller Williams office in RiverPark. We understand a lot of people have friends in real estate but don’t hesitate to ask us for a 2nd opinion or any information regarding real estate. In any case you can download our free mobile app that will give you information on every listing of homes for sale or for rent in RiverPark for free! You might even win $50,000 from us just for downloading the app and entering the Free Drawing embedded in the app! Just click on our logo!


Future posts will include information from other businesses and service providers who work or live in RiverPark. If you have any Special Events or Charitable Causes you would like to plug, just let us know and we’ll do it for free! Our goal is to update the video blog every week.

And don’t forget,… the RiverPark Neighborhood Council Meeting is this Thursday, March 20th, 7:00pm at Rio Vista Intermediate School in RiverPark. The agenda will include a vote on removing the bike lane on Ventura Rd. to allow RiverPark residents more parking and prohibit Serenade parking on the Northeast section of Forest Park Blvd. Please attend.

Anyways, hope you enjoy the show!

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