OXNARD, Calif. (May 7, 2014) — The Collection at RiverPark will be home to one of the best steaks in town when Larsen’s Grill opens late summer/early fall in 2014.
Larsens Menu
Owner Flemming Larsen is known for his quality steakhouses at his Larsen’s Steakhouse restaurants. Larsen’s Grill also will offer the finest prime steaks and freshest seafood available.

“There’s nothing quite like a great steak, and Larsen’s is definitely the place to go,” said Michael Pynn, General Manager of The Collection.

What makes Larsen’s steaks so good? 

Larsen’s requires four to six weeks of aging in a unique, large facility, providing a special sanitized environment. And Larsen’s requires a highly skilled butcher to be at the location at all times to monitor airflow, temperature, and humidity. During dry aging, the prime meats’ natural enzymes act as soothing tenderizers. At the same time, moisture evaporation improves the supple texture and hearty taste of the meat, making it richer and more buttery.
Larsen’s diligent method of preparation includes slowly searing the meat in its own natural juices at 500 degrees, rather than blast cooking it at 1700 degrees like most steakeries. Why rush your steak? Larsen’s cooks it slower, making it the best steak possible.

Larsen’s in more than steak, offering delicious seafood and an impressive selection of fine wines.


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  2. This is a great place to eat!


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