It’s Football Season In RiverPark!

Hope springs eternal as yet another season of NFL Football is upon us. RiverPark residents have more restaurants and bars than ever to watch their favorite NFL teams within the friendly confines of The Collection or any of the Football Todaysports bars in close proximity to RiverPark. This year also marks the appearance of the RiverPark Football Trash Talk and Meme Page . What better place to bond with your RiverPark neighbors and friends than on a Facebook page you can use to run smack and trash talk their favorite NFL teams? If trash talking isn’t your style, there’s always the RiverPark Dirty Laundry Page , a safe haven to vent on how you’re tired of people letting their dogs poop on your meticulously groomed front yard and not picking it up so other neighborhood canines can come sniffing around to admire it.

In any case, we can all breathe a little easier about how local property values can continue to increase in value now that the Dallas Cowboys have left town. Once again, it’s time to unscientifically determine which team is RiverPark’s favorite NFL team. This is NOT a poll to see which team you think will win Super Bowl 50, but a poll to see which team is the most popular with RiverPark residents. Please select your favorite team below and don’t forget to click the “Vote” button at the bottom, otherwise, your vote will not be counted.NFL Logo

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