Where Do You Satisfy Your Appetite In The Collection?

It wasn’t too long ago when The Collection was just a shell of an entertainment/shopping center. The economy had taken a dramatic downturn and we all wondered if the centerpiece of our RiverPark community would ever become a reality or just lay vacant like some of the ghost cities in China. The Collection Sign

It’s now 2016 and The Collection is alive with a variety of shopping and dining experiences. We have an elegant dining option available to us at Larsen’s and more casual ones like Gandolfo’s and Five Guys. More options are coming in the coming months!

We’re conducting an informal, unscientific poll to see where RiverPark and Oxnard residents like to dine in The Collection at this point in time. Please select your favorite and see what happens.

Feel free to comment below regarding your dining experiences at The Collection.



  1. Anastasia Thompson · · Reply

    The Yard House is a great place to go for a nice relaxing meal. They have great service, good food a and a comfortable atmosphere. Panera is our go to place for breakfast, sandwiches, and a warm bowl of soup on a chilly day.


  2. Brian Black · · Reply

    Any word when the raw bar is going to open


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