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New Law Allows You To Transfer Property And Avoid Probate

Our friends at Lawyers Title just briefed us on a new law that might save some of you RiverPark homeowners some money if you were thinking about drafting a will or establishing a family trust. Existing law provides that a person may pass real property to a beneficiary at death by various methods including by […]


MYTH: Dog owners want to keep all parks off-leash FACTS: Most parks in the urban areas should be primarily on-leash and most dog owners agree with this. Dog owners are simply asking for adequate shared or dedicated space on trails and in parks for off-leash exercise. MYTH: Dogs would be running everywhere and frightening people. […]

Some Dog Park Facts

According to, there are over 1,100 dog parks in the United States and Canada and their numbers are growing. They state that just about every city and town in the U.S. and Canada have one or more dog parks.  The Trust for Public Land released their 2011 City Park Facts. The report discloses a […]

A Dog Park In RiverPark? Some Pros & Cons

The percentage of owners who live in RiverPark who own a dog, or two, is roughly equivalent to the number of owners who do not own a dog if RiverPark mirrors national demographics. Driving around RiverPark and making a casual observation should confirm this to be true. Over the past year, the community and the […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day & Welcome To Our New Video Blog!

Hello RiverPark neighbors!!! Today is not only St. Patrick’s Day, it’s our first day to post our 1st Video Blog Post for a new feature called the: “RiverPark 411 Video Blog”! How creative is THAT!? Obviously, the video blog will be centered on life, events and real estate in our RiverPark community. It’s goal is […]

A Reminder: The RiverPark Neighborhood Council Meeting Is Tonight!

Time to be a part of the process rather than complaining about it. Come to the Neighborhood Council Meeting tonight at 7pm at Rio Vista Middle School. We will have the Parks Department there to explain the new reservation system and the Rio School Board will be there to explain the 2nd bond issue. Hope […]

The Hard Choice No One Wants To Make

The following is a statement I received from Orlando Dozier, a fellow RiverPark resident who is a candidate for the Oxnard City Council,… For those of us who regularly attend or watch on TV the Oxnard City Council Tuesday night meetings, it’s obvious no one wants to make the hard choice of which city programs […]